Episode #3: Mamatuition

Mama Mindset® Podcast Episode #3: Mamatuition

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In this late night life chat, I introduce the concept of Mamatuition which to me is a your sacred superpower as a Mama.  It's the intuition that guides you in the care and nurture of your children.  When you as a woman, Mama, visionary and empath choose to tune into your Mamatuition, to become vertically aligned with it and trust that you have an Inner Knowing, a Divine Compass, and a peaceful place to surrender within your soul, a massive and transformational pivot occurs in your life.

Motherhood is an invitation into your raw creative energy.  You are magnetic. You are majestic.  I'm here to polish your crown.  You are royalty, and when you choose to approach yourself with reverence, to nourish yourself in a way that speaks life and love over yourself, you begin to surrender to living life with radical compassion toward yourself.

We were born with this superpower of Mamatuition encoded into our DNA.  We are expert empaths at the energetic channels abuzz that surround us.  We function masterfully in the complex constellation of our family units, triaging the needs and energies of the little people we co created, and the intimate relationships we hold dear in the landscape of our lives.

Speaking from personal experience, the time that I carved out or allowed even for my own creative passions and the dreams divinely dropped into my soul was relegated to the bookends of the day, aka before everyone was awake or long after everyone was asleep.  This greatly muted my Mamatuition for a season of my life.  I'm here now living into my genius zone and the Mamtuition within me that knew I was meant to serve in a way that felt fulfilling, challenging, and vulnerable.  That way forward is Mama Mindset.  And it is in the honor of being in community with all of you Mamas.

What if you play around with open ended questions asking yourself, "How good am I wiling to let my life get?" and "What does it look like to create the life I want to life now?"

Tapping into your Mamatuition is the most natural thing you can do.  It already exists within you.  You don't require any internet research, social media scrolling or expert opinion.  Just as I could visibly see and energetically sense a Mama's overwhelm and stress melt when I told her in my Pediatric office, "You are the expert on your own child.  Tell me a little bit more about what you think is going on," you are also the expert on yourself.  Choosing to play in this space in childlike wonder, fascination and curiosity with what it feels like to turn your nourish/nurture mode upon yourself gets to be fun.

We are invited in Motherhood back into the intimacy we were meant to exist within in knowing ourselves, in believing in ourselves, in choosing to speak life and love over ourselves, boldly looking in the pond of self reflection, allow all of our emotions as teachers, and in investing in ourselves. 

The decision to acting out of radical compassion with reverence toward yourself will transform your life, enhance the Maternal-infant/Maternal-child bond and cultivate increased intimacy in all of the personal relationships in your life.

Mama, you are truly magnificent.  I am so excited to watch you come into vertical alignment with your Mamatuition and where your superpower takes you.  What you create, how you transform your own life and those around you is a captivating story being written.  Aloha to you and your Mamatuition.