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Digital Courses

Sleep Secrets

Sleep as Medicine.  In this course, I share my 4 key sleep secrets that I use in my personal life and have developed and shared with thousands of Mamas. 

Give yourself the gift of claiming peace (and sleep!) over your life, and releasing the overwhelm.

  • Online access at your own pace
  • Videos + accompanying journal prompts
  • Bonus membership in my private Mama community, Mamamentum, included!

Also, full disclosure- it's about sleep learning for the Mamas too!  Get ready to rest, rejuvenate and feel restored, Mama.

Time to get cozy + committed to quality sleep!

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Pediatric Pearls

I believe every Mama is a Mamatrician.  The Healer in her own home- of everything from bruised knees to bruised emotions.  I view my role as a fellow Healer + Physician as one of honor- to equip mamas with pediatric knowledge accrued over my years working as Board Certified Pediatrician, Sports Medicine Physician, Mental Health Counselor, and fellow mama. 

I've done the decades of schooling, training, medical boards... and I'm here holding space for you to grow into the confidence and peace that is divinely designed for you as a Mama!

Mama, I've got you covered

  • Expectant Mama/prenatal life
  • Labor and delivery prep
  • Newborn nursery stay and what to expect for hospital discharge
  • Postpartum life with a newborn
  • Breastfeeding
  • Bottlefeeding
  • Pumping
  • Tummy time
  • Milestones
  • What to expect at Pediatric appointments
  • Transitioning to solids
  • Essentially, let's empower you about it all! 

And if you have a question that isn't answered by the material, you'll have access to "office hours" sessions with me as well!

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What Your Pediatrician Wants You to Know

Here we deep dive into everyday mindset shifts that empower you to go from overwhelm to peace.  To live into the expansiveness of Motherhood.  To believe and know you are the expert on yourself and your child. 

Achievable everyday mindset shifts to increasing your confidence in the

  • Expectant/prenatal period
  • Postpartum 4th trimester (months 1-3)
  • Postpartum during the 1st year
  • Postpartum as a forever period
  • Motherhood in general
  • The Visionary within you

The vision I have for you, Mama is so massive, so expansive, and decorated with every desire for prosperity to flow into your life that you can dream! 

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Coaching & Communities

Moula Coaching

Moula= Mama Doula

I realized I've been a Moula all these years, for Mamas in my own life and Mamas I've been privileged to serve clinically.

My role as a Moula is showing up in that sacred space between a Mama and who she is destined to become. 

Finally, A doula for Mamas. 

  • In the expectant period
  • In the postpartum period 
  • Harness and protect your energy

I'm honored to hold this space for you Mama. 

Here, I'll do what I was born to do and serve in a way that continually lights my soul on fire reflecting back to you all of your powerful energy and the genius zone you were meant to live into  as a Mama + Visionary!

Get 1 on 1 prenatal & postpartum life chats with me

  • A fellow Mama, Board Certified Pediatrician, Sports Medicine Physician (Mamas are my favorite athletes!)

An amazing gift and investment for any Mama-to-be or Mama seeking to prioritize her health and mindset in your life!

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Mamamentum is my private virtual Mama community for Mamas.  It is a space to fall apart and to rise in expansive ways.  A safe space to embrace all of your emotions as your teachers.  To come and be heard and validated.  Fellow Mamas holding space for one another, committed to themselves.  Uplifting and empowering other Mamas. 

  • Ongoing celebrations
  • Virtual class offerings
  • Q&A "office" hours by Dr. Anik
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Mama life chat lattes
  • On your own time (we all know newborns exist on their own time zones!)
  • Replays included if you aren't available for live offerings

Mamamentum brings in the love, validation, real raw emotions, genuine and authentic life experiences of fellow Mamas.

Here, we address the tendency in Motherhood, and especially in the postpartum period to experience isolation, guilt, shame, anxiety, and depressive symptoms ans how to hold space and prioritize yourself to choose peace and prosperity for your life.

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Mama Mindset™ Podcast

Tune in for original unedited Mama Mindset life chats given by me and with Mamas and other Visionary women I love.

Infused with

  • aloha
  • wisdom, humor and whimsy
  • marinated in the raw, real, vulnerable + authentic flavors I like to sprinkle over everything
  • I'm cooking up some juicy topics over here and ready to let loose on the podcast waves

Thank you for the honor of showing up as myself and how I'm meant to shine and serve!

Ooohhh Mamas.... I am so excited to finally sit down and Mama latte life chat it out on all the things. 

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Events & Engagements

FREE Mama Mindset Webinar: The Mama (Not) Masterclass

Ready for a delicious soul-filling Mama life chat latte?!

Holding space for you, expectant + postpartum Mamas.

... And truly, I believe postpartum is forever!

Wherever you are along your Motherhood journey, are you a Mama that is ready to embrace the version of yourself that you know has been divinely dropped into you, but have been putting your own dreams and desires on the aside for... what seems like forever?!

Come and Q&A with me!

Learn how I was inspired to create this space for Mamas as a fellow Mama and Pediatrician!

I look forward to sipping on all the savory details of Mama life with you!

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I am passionate about platforms to share the momentum for the Mama Mindset global initiative created here.

Let's collaborate!

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