Episode #5: Mama Aff-FOR-mations

Mama Mindset® Podcast Episode #5: Mama Aff-FOR-mations

Video Version:

Aloha Mamas! This one is for you. I sat down in reverence to your spirit and to your power. These Aff-FOR-mations (like the Mama Mindset® podcast in general) flowed to me unscripted and unedited. I am so grateful for this space and the vulnerability you are leaning into in showing up. For yourself. For the dreams you know were divinely dropped into your soul. Choosing to speak life and love over yourself. Placing protective and sexy boundaries around your sacred soul. Knowing, believing you are safe to rise. This was a really fun and expansive episode for me to record in that I felt so aligned with everything I was saying looking into the mirror of my own reflection and knowing that it spoke to your soul as well. Mahalo nui loa and gratitude from me in Maui to you wherever these waves of words may wash upon your brilliant soul. I am truly grateful that you are leaning ever more into your power. Into the Visionary, human, woman and MAMA that you are. Enjoy this nourishing soul snack!