Episode #6: Focus on the Fascinating

Mama Mindset® Episode #6: "Focus on the Fascinating"

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Suspended in the sacred space of this episode and your choice to be here listening and investing in yourself....you're invited to explore choosing to be fascinated.  

To set the intention to observe how fascinating your life is, the emotions that emerge as your teachers and to prosper you throughout the colorful chaos of your days.

What if you chose to embrace the divine feminine energy that surges through you- that connects, nourishes, inspires, is creative, artistic, and grounded.  Choosing fascination invites you into existing in gratitude.  You'll drop the force the grind and the narrative that we must be frazzled versions of ourselves hyped up on coffee and "tired" and surviving this busy season.

Deep down you know this not to be true.  That there's more.  You've always known it.  Really knowing it and acting upon it is your choice, and you are invited into the space and the intention to have fun and flow and dance from the lens of fascination. It's freeing.

Your ability to create and to sacrifice for those around you is next level amazing.  How fascinating would it be if you choose to be vulnerable, transparent, genuine and authentic with your own vibrant soul and then shine out from this place of fascination?

It's the intersection between your inner child and the playfulness and curiosity that is so endearing of that chapter, your current visionary self and your future self who beckons you forward in fascination.  

You get to choose fascination and fun.  Cultivating curiosity.  Observing when you drop into overwhelm and victim mode and then choosing to pivot to peace.  This vertical alignment was divinely designed and dropped into your DNA and it is available to you.

Your body as an instrument not an ornament.  How you will choose to come into harmony with the inner symphony, the orchestra of ideas and inspiration only you can provide to the world around you is a choice you get to make.  How fascinating.   

You're safe to shine and play in a way that honors you.  Focusing on the fascinating.  This gets to be your path.  And it gets to be fun and in flow with your core values.  Fascinating.