Episode #8 - Part 2: Claiming the Trauma of Your Birth Story

Mama Mindset® Podcast #8 - Part 2: Claiming the Trauma of Your Birth Story

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Real. Raw. A lot raw. I'm in full vulnerability and 10 cm dilated with genuine postpartum details from my own birth story of becoming a Mama. In all it's beauty, in all of its trauma. I share wearing my crown as a Queen holding my newborn baby girl and also the trauma of that first postpartum poop on my porcelain throne at home... and what I wish I would have known to prevent some of the pain that I felt feeling like I was not ruling my kingdom that day.

The radical kindness and compassion we are invited to show ourselves through revisitng in intricate detail the landscape of the story of our births- in the duality of birthing a newborn human miracle into this realm, as well as the rebirth of ourselves as an upleveled version of our former selves- still with all of the Queen qualities that make us powerful as women, creatives, visionaries, artists, humans, and now as Mamas. The jewels that we wear and the grace that we embody in those hospital gowns and postpartum granny panties are exquisite.

We often minimize our own traumas, and in doing so deny ourselves the opportunity to experience our birth stories in all of their real, raw, vivid, and traumatic glory. You are safe to rise.

You are safe to claim your story and the trauma that unfolded for you, your body, your baby. Trauma was divinely designed to be a part of the birth process. As a Pediatrician, I have had the sacred privilege of watching the transcending power of the trauma and how that aids and empowers baby to adjust to extrauterine life. Trauma is a necessary part of learning to thrive.

Trauma for Mamas can often leave us victims of pieces of our story that are unresolved, deemed too "painful" and so we tuck them away. What if you nurtured yourself in reverent compassion through the duration of your birth story to see the brilliance, the bravery, the capacity and the transformational energy that you embraced and that is there to guide you?!

I hold you so sacred. Your story. Your pain. Your trauma. And your triumph. I see you. I validate you. And I'll forever raise my glass of water or limeade it was for me (loved this postpartum haha) mixed with Miralax to keep the postpartum constipation at bay.

You are magnificent. I'm here to polish your crown and set it back upon your capable head. Ruling your kingdom, Queen. And safe to show herself mercy for all the ways her birth story wasn't within her control, and how she chose to claim it all in its mess and majesty.

With love and deep aloha. From my birth story (ies) to yours! Dilated with Desire for you to be in Divinely inspired Vertical Alignment with your Mamatuition and your Destiny to see your story for the power it holds.

All of it. All of you.

P.S. When I said #9 in the beginning, I meant #8 haha. Already stoked for the next life chat.

- Anik