Episode #11: Tuning into Your "Too Much"

Mama Mindset® Podcast Episode #11: Tuning into Your "Too Much"

Video Version: https://youtu.be/Dy_32J9-mGY

In this episode of Mama Mindset, we hit the spiritual gym (as per always) for some serious reps of:

- Tuning into the "too much" statements that you've likely heard in your life

- Too assertive, too passive, too loud, too quiet, too sensitive, too dramatic, too big, too small, too bossy, too nice... -

- What have we allowed these statements to mean?

- For me, I've often allowed them to mean that part of me was to be muted or minimized, or it was dangerous to display. The people pleaser inherent in me as a little girl-teenager- young woman was eager to stay within the lanes of what was socially acceptable and so these words often hit me and I allowed them to carry significant weight.

- What if your "too much" was actually an invitation into your superpower, your intuition, what makes you a strong and uniquely thriving human?

- What would happen if you explored these "too much" aspects of yourself, and you validated them?

- In this episode, I offer some ways to cultivate radical compassion for yourself and those who have uttered these statements to you. You can likely recall where/when/whom uttered them as they usually have a significant impact on your life.

- What if you were always safe within the container of your own emotional neutrality? At the base of your own tree and feminine energy with those divine roots that ground you and support you and are immovable and unshakable. And you not only believed but chose to freely live into your desire to express your "too much!"?

- That living in flow and fascination, getting curious about your "too much" is your ticket forward, your vulnerability and your inner artist waiting to be unleashed!

- You are safe to live into your "too much" and I'm so excited to see this version of yourself flourish and thrive.

- Our collective "too much" is an empowering, empathic, healing force that allows us to remain suspended in this spiritual gym and sacred sisterhood.

- I'm so glad you chose yourself today/tonight when and wherever this is landing upon your soul.... and it is my sincere desire that this choice to look into the pond of self reflection has given you the Mamamentum to validate all aspects of you who were, who you are, and who you are aligning with in future versions of yourself.

- You are in harmony, you are in your element and you are safe to rise!

- More of your "too much" please!

- Turn up the volume on the soundtrack of your life to the tune of your "too much!" There is MUSIC + MAGIC in there.... I feel compelled to offer that!

- Aloha Mama!

- And yes, for whatever reasons the spiritual gym movement medicine workout in me felt like typing this out in bulleted form was most honoring.

- I'm owning my "too sensitive" and "too complex" and "too nice" and "too studious" and "too selfish" comments that have landed and now are songs on repeat at my spiritual gym. I've got the volume turned up and I am belting out in song and letting my voice be heard.... even if it is a solo concert for one!

- Anik