Episode #14: Your Garden of Growth

Mama Mindset® Podcast #14: Your Garden of Growth

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From my lei po'o (aka flower crown) to yours. Today, I am shining out wearing a lei po'o I made the other day with friends. Literally I am smiling out from the soul because my vision that illustrates the canvas and landscape of my ideal career- would be to wear a flower crown and scrubs. Healer and gardener. Nature and nurture. All of it juxtaposed. And that is exactly what adorned my physical body today.

From a spiritual place, may this episode be a nourishing space for your beautiful, vibrant, thriving, creative, colorful and innovative soul. What are the dreams that have been divinely dropped into your soul? Do you believe that now is the time to nurture them, to call upon your inner gardener and that transcending connection that you have to Mother Earth.... to all that grows and is green and inspires and gives life?!

You are safe to rise, Mama. You are safe to dream all the dreams and watch and cultivate the magic of your manifestations in the soil of your soul. The world will benefit from what you will bring to life when you tune into your Mamatuition, the momentum building within you, the courage rising, the bravery starting to peek through the soil. You are meant to thrive in this season. What if everything was always working out for your highest good? Even, and especially in the seasons of adversity?

Are you willing to be the most influential person in your life, guarding and placing protective energy over the soul that is growing and sowing the seeds of the desires of your heart? Choosing to move your body in a way that feels reverent, be a human BEING in choice moments over a human DOING (which we are DOers all the livelong day (and night)), to experience the vibrancy of all the senses that delight you in your life, to claim the intersection of your experiences, your expertise and who you are as a human/visionary/artist/woman/mother.... this vibrancy is waiting to burst forth into bloom.

I'm here to make flower crowns with you, polish them with a little water and hydration, and I'll also shine and bedazzle your crown if that is more aligned with your inner symphony as well. Turn up the volume on the song of your life and tend to that soul soil.

Let me know how it GROWS!

- Anik