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Aloha Mamas,

Are you ready for a serendipitous story?!  Click the link below to listen to my opportunity to sit down as a guest on Amy Cothren’s Mom: In-Process podcast.


Amy is a talented Mama, entrepreneur and creative visionary.  Amy’s podcast Mom: In-Process has recently pivoted to its new and expansive space from its former name of Mama Mindset.  She followed her own Mamatuition to reach out to me when she realized I was the registered owner of the trademark, Mama Mindset®.  The story that follows is a reflection of our early communications, growing bond and mutual enthusiasm to support one another as women and Mamas along our paths.

My intuition (Mamatuition!) was so positive regarding Amy’s energy and desire to collaborate.  It was such an easy decision for me to be a guest on her podcast and the life chat and divine dialogue that ensued flowed with such ease and fascination.  We scheduled real time in our busy lives as Mamas and entrepreneurs from Maui to Idaho to bring this raw and real life chat of 2 Mamas, connected by their mentality and desire to serve + empower other Mamas, and exude gratitude for our connection established by Mama Mindset.  

I will forever be grateful for the serendipity of this encounter and the bond formed.  Amy and I have each navigated our own legal landscape in pursuing names which embody and illustrate the vision we have for the way we want to serve Mamas.  Following our own unique paths didn’t come without leaning into some discomfort and choosing to believe everything was ultimately working out for our highest good.  We are each living into our genius zone, and I could sense that shared recognition in our conversation.  I shared on the podcast my journey to Mama Mindset®, and she shared her pivot from Mama Mindset to Mom: In-Process.

It’s a refreshing and uplifting listen, and I hope it fills you with the same good vibes that landed upon my soul from Amy’s initial email, to collaborating, to recording our episode, and to its release into the wild.

We always have the choice to support and hold space for one another, for other women, visionaries, artists, creatives, Mamas.  We are so powerful when we polish each other’s crowns and see ourselves, our dreams, desires, empathy, compassion, creativity and innovation reflected in one another.  I’m grateful for Amy, her vision, her willingness to reach out and invite me on her podcast, and for the honor of serving Mamas together in our own unique ways. 

You can find out more about Amy and her passion for helping SAHM (stay-at-home) Mamas find their purpose + joh at her podcast and website here:


Mamas, this flows naturally into the glorious opportunity to introduce you to the Woman, Mama, & Genius Zone Trademark Attorney, Alli Elmunzer, Esq who is the creative visionary I was blessed to work with in my Mama Mindset® trademark process.  

Alli is a Mama of 2, lawyer, entrepreneur, podcast host, and a former Division I collegiate soccer athlete at the University of Miami… I know this from our days as teammates running grueling fitness tests together, waking up in the dark for weights and sprints, and getting to travel the country for games.  While I don’t miss racing around the track and sprinting around the field to meet time goals, I am grateful we continue to run alongside one another in the pursuits of our careers as Mamas living into their passigns today.

Alli was exceptional throughout the duration of the process to secure the Mama Mindset® trademark (from the initial dream to ™️ to ®️).  She infused clear communication, clarity, ease and efficiency into an intricate process, and celebrated with me along the way, and when the approval for the mark was granted.  I wholeheartedly recommend her for her character, integrity, innovation, and legal genius zone.  Her botique law firm seeks to empower entrepreneurs to protect and own their own brands.  That is precisely the experience I had.  Obtaining the trademark with Alli has given me so much insight, peace of mind and expansiveness to thrive in the way I envision Mama Mindset® to land as a global initiative to empower Mamas like you. 

You can find Alli at 


I look forward to many more collaborations with Mamas in the future, the opportunity to reflect the power and purpose we have in the board rooms, in our kitchens, at the playgrounds, and in our chosen spheres of influence.  

We always have our superpower of Mamatuition, our gift of empathy & radical compassion, and the choice to uplevel our lives and energetic space in empowering one another. 

Always Aloha to Mamas Amy + Alli and to all of you!

- Anik

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