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She stands tall and stoic.

She shudders and wraps her body around her babies.

She walks purposefully, beckoning a peace which currently eludes her.

She places a protective energy around herself and her children wherever they are.

She bravely and boldly leaves behind all she ever knew for a future uncertain.

She stays and courageously faces the fears that now emerge from all the once familiar and safe corners of her home, town, neighborhood.

She believes in her strength in this time of crisis.

She can't yet see the triumph of her power amidst her trauma.

She chooses to appeal to that sacred nature within every woman, within every Mama, within every Visionary.

She is the sanctuary. She must be.  She is the shelter for herself and her children.  She is the safety as the storm rages around her.  She stands strong because she allows no other choice.  She draws from her inner Knowing, her inner compass, her vertical alignment with her spirit and soul.  Her Intuition, Her Mamatuition.  It guides her now.

She allows all of her emotions: her fear, her terror, her despair, her anxiety, her sense of safety shaken to the core of her humanity, her sense of hope renewed to a height she clings to with a ferocious faith, her choice to show up for herself and her children on magnificent display.

She has never been more beautiful.  She has offered a sense of peace, of home, of goodness, of grace, of grit, of mercy, of humanity, of sacrifice, of conviction, of empathy, of compassion, of a willingness to pivot, of an invitation to collaborate.  

Her diplomacy is dignified.  It is divine.  She has been chosen.  Her delegation sits around her kitchen table, around her board room which may now be in an underground subway, a shelter, seeking refuge in a new space, or within the once safe space she called home... the one she now holds space with calculated breath for when she can safely exhale again.  She is standing before you.  Her story unfolding.  Her strength unwavering.  Her poise amidst the peril a daring dance with destiny, a masterpiece of perfection.

She is an envoy of empathy, a counsel of compassion.  She is an island of peace and serenity.  

She is Momplomacy. Ripples of her example reverberate in the faces of her children, in the hope they convey, in the promise of the peace they fiercely guard in their hearts, in the unwavering courage their steps away from all that they knew and into a future unwritten depict.  They manifest the magic of what can be out of the shambles of the shattered and fractured fairy tale of the freedom of their former life.

Safety and freedom.  She dreams of them.  Knows she will meet them again.  And until she does, she will be those things.  For herself, for her children and for those around her.  

Her diplomatic poise and purpose illustrates that the qualifications are quite clear and simple: to be a good human, a good neighbor.  To listen, to validate, to create space.

Momplomacy.  The diplomatic delegation that crosses all borders, all cultures, all seasons.  Love and solidarity across all lines. Everywhere and at all times.  

You are never alone. You are seen, validated, loved. You are safe here to unpack what you have seen. You are safe to process your traumas, what you have endured. Whatever your story, it is worth telling and we are here to listen. You have been divinely chosen. Your resiliency is woven into your DNA. 

She is you.  She is me.  All are welcome here.  You can come to fall apart and come back together. You can not only lean, but you can fall on me, and I will carry you.  You carry so much.  Let me polish your crown.  You are royalty and we recognize one another here.  Queens of our own kingdoms.  A revered soul by the precious subjects in your realm.  The stories your eyes tell and the burden upon your shoulders.  Lay it down for a while.  

The emotional and spiritual solace you seek is forever found here, Mama.  You are safe to unpack it all.  Grieve the loss of your former life. The trauma of your safety being stolen away and the threat to your freedom and personal liberties.  You mourn the impact on your babies. And you also are grounded in your gratitude that you choose to move forward.  You are magnificent.  Your story remarkable.  Your will unshakeable.  

Mamas standing in solidarity.  A unequaled force of freedom, security, compassion, nourishment, empathy, strength, creativity, resilience, curiosity, and majestic beauty. This is Momplomacy.  

You are welcome here.  Your superpower shows just as it did the day you brought forth that life you now protect in ever expansive displays of divinely appointed courage.  You felt your vertical alignment with the divine in the moments after you gave birth to that life.  You protect.  It is your path.  That same expansive energy rises up and washes over your soul even now as you give birth to new ideas about a new life and a new future.

Lean into all that you desire and dream to pursue.  The world is enhanced by your brilliance and it has never shone brighter than in the darkest moments you illuminate now with your love.

I hate that you have to endure this.  I hate that your carefree giggles with your babies in the neighborhood park have been interrupted.  I hate that you have to wrestle with so much darkness in the light of day, and so much uninvited dangerous light and sounds in the depths of the night.  I hate that you have to cultivate such massive courage and creativity and compassion to survive this and to cloak your babies in as much resilience and protection that you can provide as their sanctuary.  Tall.  Proud.  Stoic. Poised.  Courageous.  Hunched.  Broken.  Grieving.  Terrified.  Devastated.  They are all jewels in your crown.  

And we will polish it for you, and place it right back down on your untamed mane and your unbridled spirit.  The safety of your dreams, the ferocity of your belief in the future and freedom, the choice to cultivate courage in this storm illustrates your legend.  You are a Visionary.  You are the hope.  You are the diplomatic delegation that depicts human decency and unending grace and dedication to deny death and devastation its role in our realm.  

I'm honored to serve with you.  In the now and all that is to come.  Rest here, Mama.  Momplomacy delegation has convened as it has thousands of times throughout the course of human history.

May your energy be protected.  May you feel boundaries of fierce love, camaraderie, solidarity, radical compassion, unending empathy and the willingness to hold space and imagine what life looks like for you right now... may you feel this expansive energy holding you up as you carry yourself through and as you shield your children from the sharp dangers around them... physically, emotionally, spiritually.

What I hate most is not being able to embrace you in person and feel that energetic exchange.  The Momplomacy is a global initiative where Mamas meet with a knowing nod, a holding space, a validation, a reverent submission to the solidarity that binds us.  It is in this fierce feminine surrender that we connect with our divine power source.  It is available to you now and always.  

Hate has no place.  Hate is frustrated dreams and desires masquerading around forcing its way into places and relationships and scenarios where it doesn't belong. When we feel helpless, hate can seem the natural choice.  

Momplomacy chooses love.  Love for herself.  Love for her babies. Love for all that she holds sacred. And her delegation stands with her.  There are no vetoes to her radical compassion, unending empathy and unceasing love. 

Your story is welcome here.  I believe in you, Mama.  

You are doing it.  You have been divinely chosen.  Momplomacy is born out of times such as this.  Thank you for showing us the way through your example.  

Your SHE-to is showing and we stand up in recognition of it.

Your Mama Mindset is the antidote to all of this.  To the war that rages around you and threatens all that you once knew to be true. It carried you to where you now read this Mama love leatter.  And it reminds you that you are powerful and chosen, and your sanctuary cannot be compromised.  It is a place of permanent peace and refuge for your babies and all those around you.  

There is momentum, a Mamamentum surging ahead and through. It is for you.  With my stethoscope place upon your heart, I hear the harmony of its steady beat, the peaceful solitude it was for that baby and why they will always be home in your embrace.  I hear the power of your blood and your bravery pumping and pouring out to fuel your body and your dreams. 

You have landed upon my heart in a profound way and may these words offer you my utmost aloha and reverence for your profound courage and choice to keep peace and hope alive.  I see it flickering in your bright and beautiful eyes, haunted as they may be for what you've seen.  I hear it in the pitter patter of their steps, following Mama as they've done all their lives.  I feel it in my soul manifesting the collective vote we have unanimously cast in our millions of Mamas round table global initiative Momplomacy delegation.

You will persevere.  Your faith will not falter.  Your resilience is your birthright.  Your Mama Intuition, your Mamatuiton superpower guides you.  Your future is certain in that your legendary tale continues to be written.

You are seen.  You are chosen. You are loved. You are supported.  You are validated.  You are worthy.  Forever united in the sacred sphere of Motherhood. You are safe to rise, Mama.

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