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Medical School Graduation and receiving a lei from my husband on our path to Hawai'i for Pediatric Residency.  Anik is in her cap and gown for medical school graduation.

Mama Mindset® Podcast Episode #12: My Path to Medicine

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Doctor's Day + Me

For Doctor's Day (March 30) this year, I take a life chat talk down memory lane at the path that led me to being a Doctor.  

It was a long and arduous journey that required every bit of my resolve, focus, determination and grit.  There was a lot of sacrifice and "missed" life events involved.  I always adored medicine and felt like it was an eternal privilege to get to learn the language of medicine and be entrusted to care for patients.  

From the time I received my acceptance letter to medical school (felt like I got my long awaited letter to Hogwarts), to graduating medical school 4 years later, Pediatric Residency 3 years after that and Sports Medicine Fellowship an additional year after that... my dream job was within my grasp.  

Or was it my dream job?!  Tune in to hear how I leaned in to my genius zone, summoned the courage to pursue where I really felt at home and what I really felt aligned with, how I tapped into my core values and formed Mama Mindset® out of my role as a Physician and Healer, and innate gifts as an empath, artist and visionary.  

I sit here today feeling more of a Doctor than ever, more reverent of my innate gifts and how those weave together as a Doctor and Doula of Mamas- Moula as I like to say.  I'm claiming the 13 years after college and the grit and grace it took to land the title of Dr. Anik Cockroft.  It took until the 25th grade for me, and I'm a lifelong learner.  I'm here learning beside you in life, love, Mothering, artistry, creativity and innovation.  The healer in me sees the healer in you!  Polishing my crown and white coat today with this wonderful reminiscent road.

Thanks for celebrating Doctor's Day with me.  To all of the colleagues I had the honor of going through medical school with, persevering through Residency + Fellowship with, all of my mentors in medicine who invested in my passion to care and serve others through medicine... I am eternally grateful.  To all of the Physicians serving globally, deepest gratitude for pursuing your passion to serve, heal, and cultivating your skill and empathy to make this world a more compassionate place. 

P.S. This photo was taken at my medical school graduation in Florida.  JD is putting a lei on me to symbolize all we've persevered through for the last 4 years (and the 7 before that in college and beyond) for me to realize this dream, and our impending adventure/5000 mile move for Pediatric Residency to Hawai'i a few days time from this moment!

- Anik Huffman Cockroft, D.O.

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