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It’s in the wild.  It’s live and ready to thrive.  Or nosedive.  It’s meant to explore the heights and depths of Motherhood and our lives as humans, women, Mamas, artists, teachers, consumers, creators, visionaries, dreamers.  It’s out there in all of it’s glory and I’m so proud to be shining out and serving in a way that feels reverent to serving Mamas and meeting us in a space where we connect in such a deeply fulfilling way.

It’s out there.  Surfing the podcast ether waves.  Available for download on all your favorite streaming platforms.  If you want to life chat with me in any of the 3 episodes and more I have coming, come Podcast with me.

Cast your Pod.  Mamas.  The podcast is something I’ve been incubating for way longer than 9 months.  And I finally decided to release all the limiting beliefs I held around it, “What if it’s not successful?”  “What if I’m not ready” and all the things.  

I launched it.  I pressed record on myself and it is unedited, unscripted, real, raw, vulnerable, authentic and genuine.  I claim it as me shining out in my genius zone and inviting you into yours.  It is everything I intended it to be.

It has reached its cruising altitude and you are invited to “Come Fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away” with me (true story the Michael Buble version of Frank Sinatra’s classic was our 1st dance song at our wedding).  If it falls on your Mama neurons or whomever it is meant to inspire, it is enough for me.

I am honestly, in full disclosure, recording it primarily for myself.  Choosing to invest in myself and shine out because I know I’m safe to rise.  Keeping the commitment I made to myself.  We are gifted at keeping the commitments we make to others.  Magicians at this.  Oftentimes though, we are flaky at best on the commitments we make to ourselves. And keeping those will change the trajectory of your life.  So, I’m here sitting down keeping that commitment I made to myself to shine out and serve and add value to your life in a way that I hope is uplifting and inspiring.  To live and lean into my creativity and innovation.  

These life chats are sacred to me and I am so honored to be in this together, Mama.  Welcome to the podcast and I look so forward to sitting down with you to life chat, dialogue, listen, exchange, laugh, grieve, cry, and all of it.  Together.  I’m looking forward to some intimate dialogues with some of my very favorite Mamas and those I have yet to meet.  Sometimes it’ll be me releasing my stream of consciousness and kind of journaling aloud to you.

It’s here and it’s for you.  It’s my greatest desire for you to live a life of prosperity, intentionality and in vertical alignment with the truest sense of who you are as a woman, a Visionary, an empath, a chosen Divine being who has unique dreams that have been dropped into her soul.

Nesting.  Marinating.  Thinking about it.  Talking about it.  Momming and doing life.  Not rushing it.  Not defining it by my former metrics of “success.”  Scrubbing the initial vision and schedule I had for the podcast.  Entering into a “pitch my podcast” contest and failing miserably.  Fun story though and failing forward.  For me, there is no failing with this.  Pivoting.  Playfulness. Fascination.  Curiosity.  All emotions as our teachers.  

Holding space for other Mamas.  Hearing their stories.  Sharing mine.  Vulnerability as our currency moving forward.  Cultivating awareness of our inner self dialogue and choosing to speak life and love over ourselves.  Getting good at identifying when our inner mean girl is coming out.  Existing in radical compassion for ourselves.  Choosing to invest in ourselves everyday.  Knowing and claiming our worth.  Tapping into our superpower of our Mamatuition.  Feeling the growing Mamamentum of the women in this community of Mama Mindset® and those surrounding you in your life.  Motherhood as a deeply spiritual time, a portal into the best version of yourself and the opportunity to move forward with joy into what lies ahead.  Recognizing Mom guilt, Mom shame, judgment, and comparemode when they arise and choosing to release them.  Surrendering.  Submission to this season which is so fulfilling.  Placing protective boundaries around yourself which are uplifting and nourishing.  Acknowledging your complex and majestic anatomy and that you get to move in a way that feels good and reverent every day.  That this gets to be fun.  That you are safe to rise.  

These are a few of my favorite things.  I’m looking forward to dreaming and dialoguing, humor and humility and all the ingredients that make Motherhood a meaningful exchange within this sacred and powerful sisterhood.  You are a magnificent being, Mama. 

I’ll have audio and video versions of the Mama Mindset® podcast available if it serves you.  Always an invitation to curate your own mental and spiritual museum collection— that what you consume… may it serve you, may it inspire you, may it validate you, may it uplift you, may it invite you into the next version of yourself, may it offer you value. 


And in the spirit of vulnerability and validation, if you’d like to be a guest on the Mama Mindset® podcast, share your story and life chat with me, it would be an honor + a privilege.  Let’s connect and email me at:

[email protected]

Aloha Mama, and mahalo for the honor of your time and your brilliant Mama neurons in listening and in being willing to look within the pond of self-reflection at the beauty and boldness staring back at you that the podcast is meant to illuminate. 

I’m sharing below the summaries for the 3 initial episodes now at their cruising altitudes in the podcast clouds for your reading perusal.  It’s safe to walk about the cabin and to create the life you want to live right now.

- Anik


  • Episode #1: Intro- Raw, Unedited First Take

Launching Podcast…. 3, 2, 1, go!

Intro Episode. Episode 1.  Land wherever this podcast may on whomever is meant to hear it and be empowered.  My vision with Mama Mindset® is to empower Mamas to travel from overwhelm to peace in their lives.  To prioritize self care as healthcare and not selfish.  To polish our crowns here together, and to recognize the divine qualities that echo through the brilliance and the way you were created to shine and prosper.

Mamas, I’ve been incubating this podcast and nesting with the concept of it for a long time!

I’ve released all limiting beliefs around “not being ready” “fear of failing” and all the stories that weren’t serving me (or you or anyone I’m meant to impact!) I sat down for the first life chat of many to come.  So from a place of massive aloha here on Maui I‘m throwing up a Shaka and cheers-ing you with life chat lattes.

True to the flavor of raw vulnerability that will define the Mama Mindset® podcast, I recorded this unscripted + on the first take, and am releasing it into the wild here unedited.  I want to keep that commitment as much to myself as to all of you.  To allow, encourage, + celebrate the imperfections that give us dimension, compassion and empathy as fellow Mamas. 

Authentically me showing up and holding space for myself.  Inviting you to level up and do the same.  Mama Mindset® is a global initiative of Mamas choosing to speak life and love over themselves.  To protect their energy, uplevel their lives, lean into the dreams divinely dropped into their souls, and start creating the life they want to live right now.

I’m so excited to cross life paths with you.  I conclude the episode with one of my all time favorite words in serendipity.  You arrived here for a reason.  You chose to prioritize yourself for a reason.  You are called to more.  You are safe to rise. This is a podcast where you will be invited to look into your own soul and smile back at the majestic Mama that lives within you.  A spiritual journey where you are offered a unique perspective to tap into your own innate power source.

Tune in to Mama Mindset® Episode 1, a launching life chat in which I introduce you to your own capacity for vertical alignment with your Mamatuition (your superpower Mama Intuition) which is woven into the fibers of your DNA as a woman, Mama, visionary, creative, artist, athlete.

I’ll be brining the raw life chats me to you and also lots of Mama dialogue and Momversations with fellow Mamas that will enhance all of our lives in an intimate and also energetically expansive way.  The vibes are good and the question posed to you today and always here within Mama Mindset® is, “How good are you willing to let your life get, Mama?!” 

Let’s elevate our Mama Mindsets in a collectively expansive way!  Tune into your own Mamatuition.


  • Episode #2: Mombassadors

Episode #2 of the Mama Mindset® podcast

In full disclosure and in keeping with the commitment of transparency + vulnerability, I full out yawned in the filming and recording of this episode. I had recently accomplished putting my babies to bed, cruised by the fridge to casually collect 4 oreos and hit record to life chat with you. I thought about editing it out for poise, but this is about authenticity and real, raw Motherhood and so here I am in all my divine downloads and yawn.

Mamas around the world have been on my heart. This concept of Mombassador has really taken flight in my heart and I wanted to convey the Mamamentum we can all apply to healing our communities and the world around us. The opportunity is ours to heal with our individual and collective power To be Mombassadors across time and geography and any perceived boundaries.

Mothering is a unique and sacred sisterhood, and we exist to polish one another's crowns and to shine out. I wrote recently about Momplomacy on my blog over at www.mamamindset.com and my vision of an ever expansive board room table that stretches across the globe with Mamas leading. We may not know where the road leads, but we are leaders finding out. Together. Holding space for one another. Aloha, Mama. I am so honored to be in this with you.


  • Episode #3: Mamatuition

In this late night life chat, I introduce the concept of Mamatuition which to me is a your sacred superpower as a Mama.  It's the intuition that guides you in the care and nurture of your children.  When you as a woman, Mama, visionary and empath choose to tune into your Mamatuition, to become vertically aligned with it and trust that you have an Inner Knowing, a Divine Compass, and a peaceful place to surrender within your soul, a massive and transformational pivot occurs in your life.

Motherhood is an invitation into your raw creative energy.  You are magnetic. You are majestic.  I'm here to polish your crown.  You are royalty, and when you choose to approach yourself with reverence, to nourish yourself in a way that speaks life and love over yourself, you begin to surrender to living life with radical compassion toward yourself.

We were born with this superpower of Mamatuition encoded into our DNA.  We are expert empaths at the energetic channels abuzz that surround us.  We function masterfully in the complex constellation of our family units, triaging the needs and energies of the little people we co created, and the intimate relationships we hold dear in the landscape of our lives.

Speaking from personal experience, the time that I carved out or allowed even for my own creative passions and the dreams divinely dropped into my soul was relegated to the bookends of the day, aka before everyone was awake or long after everyone was asleep.  This greatly muted my Mamatuition for a season of my life.  I'm here now living into my genius zone and the Mamtuition within me that knew I was meant to serve in a way that felt fulfilling, challenging, and vulnerable.  That way forward is Mama Mindset.  And it is in the honor of being in community with all of you Mamas.

What if you play around with open ended questions asking yourself, "How good am I wiling to let my life get?" and "What does it look like to create the life I want to life now?"

Tapping into your Mamatuition is the most natural thing you can do.  It already exists within you.  You don't require any internet research, social media scrolling or expert opinion.  Just as I could visibly see and energetically sense a Mama's overwhelm and stress melt when I told her in my Pediatric office, "You are the expert on your own child.  Tell me a little bit more about what you think is going on," you are also the expert on yourself.  Choosing to play in this space in childlike wonder, fascination and curiosity with what it feels like to turn your nourish/nurture mode upon yourself gets to be fun.

We are invited in Motherhood back into the intimacy we were meant to exist within in knowing ourselves, in believing in ourselves, in choosing to speak life and love over ourselves, boldly looking in the pond of self reflection, allow all of our emotions as teachers, and in investing in ourselves. 

The decision to acting out of radical compassion with reverence toward yourself will transform your life, enhance the Maternal-infant/Maternal-child bond and cultivate increased intimacy in all of the personal relationships in your life.

Mama, you are truly magnificent.  I am so excited to watch you come into vertical alignment with your Mamatuition and where your superpower takes you.  What you create, how you transform your own life and those around you is a captivating story being written.  Aloha to you and your Mamatuition.

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