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Mama Mindset® Podcast #13: Sacred Spirituality 


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In this episode, I share my sense of spirituality and how it is at the core of who I am, how I show up, and how this season of surrender in my life has led to the creation of Mama Mindset® and harmonized with my core values. Spirituality is really a dimension of myself I've held sacred and kept close over the years. With the growing Mamamentum I feel within Mama Mindset®, it felt vulnerable and aligned with the authenticity I desire to convey to share my spirituality with you. Holding space for my own spirituality as well as yours and what is meaningful, transcending and vertically aligning for you is a concept that has always resonated with who I am as a human. 


To your spirituality and mine, validating one another, holding space and meeting in the sacred spirituality that Motherhood gifts us all. 


- Anik

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