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Mamas.  This podcast journey.  It's been wild.  And wonderful.

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May it nourish your incredibly impactful soul, and inspire all that is already amazing and magnetic within you. Click with as much skill as you have clicking all those car seat buckles into place.  The way we can contort though and buckle and unbuckle with hands full and lean over is quite the scene, am I right?!  #carseatolympics

I'm putting Episode previews and the words that flowed after I recorded below for your reading perusal.

It's a video diary and of my divine thought downloads.  It's me showing up, closing my eyes and setting an intention.  And then pressing record on a Zoom meeting with all of you.  I imagine us in a life chat.  A giant global FaceTime.

I have no Magenda.  Aside from inviting you to partake in your inner brilliance, humor, creativity and Mama majesty of course.  I'm here to polish your crown.

Mahalo for being among the first in the Mama Mindset® movement to choose yourselves.  To invest in receiving letters of aloha to surf into your inbox. 

I've recorded 3 more podcast episodes since I last released it into the wild and invited you to the colorful chaos and sacred space I feel here in articulating to myself and the Mamas I see in the mirror all of the energy, pivots, empathy, and divine feminine energy that is our path forward.

I'm linking at the top of the page to the podcast link.  From there you can stream/dream/team Mama and team yourself on whatever podcast platform matches your mood that day, or you can click over to YouTube and watch the video version for more visual feedback in these life chats coming to your car or house or power walk or wherever you may be flowing and glowing or struggle bus riding!  You're in community and company... but not the kind where misery likes company.  This company of Mamas is sitting around a worldwide board room table upleveling their own energy and expansivenss.  Saying yes to their creativity and vulnerability.

Choosing fascination.  Speaking life and love over themselves through Aff-FOR-mations.  Claiming and owning that we all judge, and are now choosing to cultivate powerful awareness in this sphere of our lives and how we can choose radical compassion and a nurturing empathic vibe here from a place of pivot.

You are meant to be in divine vertical alignment.  Living in fun and humor and hot mess amazingness in this life... choosing to pivot from struggle mode and overwhelm. 

I see you and validate you Mama.  You are loved + embraced in massive aloha!

Episodes 4, 5 and 6 are ready for you and in the wild!

Mama Mindset® Episode #6: "Focus on the Fascinating"

Suspended in the sacred space of this episode and your choice to be here listening and investing in yourself....you're invited to explore choosing to be fascinated. To set the intention to observe how fascinating your life is, the emotions that emerge as your teachers and to prosper you throughout the colorful chaos of your days. What if you chose to embrace the divine feminine energy that surges through you- that connects, nourishes, inspires, is creative, artistic, and grounded. Choosing fascination invites you into existing in gratitude. You'll drop the force the grind and the narrative that we must be frazzled versions of ourselves hyped up on coffee and "tired" and surviving this busy season. Deep down you know this not to be true. That there's more. You've always known it. Really knowing it and acting upon it is your choice, and you are invited into the space and the intention to have fun and flow and dance from the lens of fascination. It's freeing. Your ability to create and to sacrifice for those around you is next level amazing. How fascinating would it be if you choose to be vulnerable, transparent, genuine and authentic with your own vibrant soul and then shine out from this place of fascination? It's the intersection between your inner child and the playfulness and curiosity that is so endearing of that chapter, your current visionary self and your future self who beckons you forward in fascination. You get to choose fascination and fun. Cultivating curiosity. Observing when you drop into overwhelm and victim mode and then choosing to pivot to peace. This vertical alignment was divinely designed and dropped into your DNA and it is available to you. Your body as an instrument not an ornament. How you will choose to come into harmony with the inner symphony, the orchestra of ideas and inspiration only you can provide to the world around you is a choice you get to make. How fascinating. You're safe to shine and play in a way that honors you. Focusing on the fascinating. This gets to be your path. And it gets to be fun and in flow with your core values. Fascinating.

Episode #5 of the Mama Mindset® podcast: "Mama Aff-FOR-mations"

Aloha Mamas! This one is for you. I sat down in reverence to your spirit and to your power. These Aff-FOR-mations (like the Mama Mindset® podcast in general) flowed to me unscripted and unedited. I am so grateful for this space and the vulnerability you are leaning into in showing up. For yourself. For the dreams you know were divinely dropped into your soul. Choosing to speak life and love over yourself. Placing protective and sexy boundaries around your sacred soul. Knowing, believing you are safe to rise. This was a really fun and expansive episode for me to record in that I felt so aligned with everything I was saying looking into the mirror of my own reflection and knowing that it spoke to your soul as well. Mahalo nui loa and gratitude from me in Maui to you wherever these waves of words may wash upon your brilliant soul. I am truly grateful that you are leaning ever more into your power. Into the Visionary, human, woman and MAMA that you are. Enjoy this nourishing soul snack!


Episode #4 of the Mama Mindset® podcast: "Judgey Judge"

Aloha, Mamas. In this episode we life chat on why claiming and allowing that we all judge- ourselves, one another, all the time is a liberating realization. When we allow ourselves to be judges, we are invited to drop the limiting beliefs behind all the “If……Then” statements that contain us and devalue our experience. We can choose to come into vertical alignment with our spiritual side and to surrender all the ways we once sought lasting peace and contentment with horizontal things/possessions/relationships. Come judge this episode and judge yourself with kindness and radical compassion. Judging is as natural as breathing. We were made to judge scenarios and compare and contrast and evaluate. Let’s choose to do so moving forward in Mamamentum with our powerful feminine energy, harnessing our creativity, our empathy, our radical compassion. Let’s pivot from judgment being a “bad” thing and pretending like we don’t do it, to accepting it/claiming it/validating it and cultivating an awareness around when we are doing it. From there we can choose to take loving action into deepening our perspective and knowledge and ultimately leading a more impactful, fulfilling, meaningful life. Releasing the “If…..Then” statements we have carried around far too long, this spiritual surrendering to our Inner Knowing, the Highest Version of ourselves that is aligned vertically with our Spiritual Being, this is choosing peace in our life over the overwhelm. In this reverent gesture, we can overcome the peace we seek and yet will never find from things in the horizontal: the things of this world in the form of accomplishments/relationships/material goods that can never bring us the joy, grace, community, validation, hope, and love that we are divinely designed to pursue, enjoy, as well as emanate to others.

- Anik

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